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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  FH ROSEBOOM A Brief History of the Ancestors and Descendants of John Roseboom and of Jesse Johnson Compiled by Catharine Roseboom, Dr. J. Livingston Roseboom, Rev. Henry H. Swinnerton and Joseph H. White
View Record  FH BOWERS A Brief History of the Descendants of Jacob Bowers of Ross County, Ohio (and of Downey Reed of Jackson County Bob Casari
View Record  FH TOMLINSON A Brief History of the Descendants of Richard Tomlinson of Ross County, Ohio Bob Casari
View Record  OH .91 ROSS A Brief History of the Methodist Church at Clarksburg, Ohio J.B. F. Morgan
View Record  OH.91 VINTON A Brief History of Vinton County Louise Ogan Biggs and M. A. Columbia
View Record  FH TILLIS A Brief Synopsis of Some of the Ancestors of Lee Roy Tillis 1895-1965 David E. Tillis
View Record  FH Burnett A Burnett Family of the South Frances Gass
View Record  OH .7 ROSS A Business Man's Record Of His Bible Class 1852-1904 Presbyterian
View Record  DE.61 NEW CASTLE A Calendar of Delaware Wills, New Castle County, 1682-1800 Historical Research Committee of the Colonial Dames of Delaware
View Record  WZ.3 GPC A Century of Population Growth Genealogical Publishing Company
View Record  OH .8 FAYETTE A Collection Of Genealogical Information In The Carnegie Public Library-Washington CH. Ohio Fayette County Genealogical Society
View Record  MD.7 P A Collection of Maryland Church Records Henry C. Peden, Jr.
View Record  WZ.7 QUAKER A Collection of Memorials, Facsimile reprint Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Quakers)
View Record  OH .61 ROSS A Collection of Photos of People & Places Around Ross County
View Record  OH .61 HAMILTON A Collection Of Pioneer Marriage Records Hamilton County, Ohio 1789-1817 Volume I Edited by Marjorie Byrnside Burress
View Record  OH.91 ROSS A collection of several different items dealing with the League Of Women Voters "Preserving" Progress Tour September 24, 1974 Chillicothe First Capital Guidebook, Country Living- Ross County Historical Society Article, Map of Preservin
View Record  OH .61 GUERNSEY A Compilation Of Early Guernsey County, Ohio Records
View Record  ZZ.2D A Complete guide to Heraldry A.C.Fox-Davies
View Record  OH .91 FAIRFIELD A Complete History of Fairfield County, Ohio by Hervey Scott 1795-1876 Hervey Scott
View Record  OH .91 HARDIN A Complete History of The Scioto Marsh in Harding County, Ohio Carol Drumm
View Record  WZ.9 B A Diplomatic History of the American People Thomas A. Bailey
View Record  FH DOMER A Family History George Adam Domer
View Record  FH HAMMER A Family History George Adam Domer
View Record  FH SMITH A Family History
View Record  FH SCHWARIE A Family History of Christian Schwarie and Annie (Hauder) Schwarie and their Descendants 1789-2004 Ezra and Mary Swarey
View Record  FH BARNES A Family Named Barnes Don Francis
View Record  FH HICKS A Family Tree Danny Kelley
View Record  FH WILEY A Farmer's Son went to Town Glen M. Wiley
View Record  FH JOHNSON A Few Reminiscences in the Life of an Old Lacy Steven St. Martin
View Record  OH.61 PICKAWAY A Gallery of Pickaway Ancestors Pickaway County Historical & Genealogical Library
View Record  OH .91 ROSS A Gathering Place, The changing face of the Scioto Valley. A special publication of the Chillicothe Gazette Chillicothe Gazette
View Record  WZ.912 A Gazetteer of Maryland and Delaware(Two volumes in one)US Henry Gannett
View Record  PA.912 G A Gazetteer of the State of Pennsylvania Thomas F. Gordon
View Record  VA.912 A Gazetteer of Virginia Henry Gannett
View Record  VA.912 G A Gazetteer of Virginia and West Virginia Henry Ganett
View Record  PA.91 ALLEGHENY A Genealogical and Biographical History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Dr. Thomas Cushing
View Record  ZZ.912 S A Genealogical Gazetteer of Scotland Frank Smith, F.S.G.
View Record  ZZ.1 JENSEN A Genealogical Handbook of German Research Volume I Larry D. Jensen
View Record  ZZ.1 JENSEN A Genealogical Handbook of German Research Volume ll Larry D. Jensen
View Record  FH JOSEPH A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Carl and Kate Joseph of Muskingum County, Ohio Robert F. Joseph
View Record  EC.1 A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering your African American Ancestors Franklin Carter Smith and Emily Anne Croom
View Record  IN.1 ALLEN A Genealogist's Guide to the Ft. Wayne, Indiana Public Library Karen B. Cavanaugh
View Record  FH ALLEN A Genealogy of the Allen Family from 1568 to 1882 Compiled by Hon. William Allen
View Record  FH BROADY A Genealogy of the Broady, Harris, Napper, Thacker, and Trent Families Madalene Jones Norris
View Record  FH BOLLES A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bolles of Wells, Maine George E. Williams
View Record  FH DUKE A Genealogy of the Duke-Shepherd-Van Metre Family Compiled and Edited by Samuel Gordon Smyth
View Record  FH THOMAS A Genealogy of the Thomas Family Stella Miller and Glenn R. Thomas
View Record  FH PRESIDENTS A Genealogy of the Wives of the American Presidents and their first Two Generations of Descent Craig Hart
View Record  OH.1 KSUP A Geography of Ohio Leonard Peacefull
View Record  OH .91 HIGHLAND A Green Countrie Town Frank Raymond Harris
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Records: 351 to 400 of 7153