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Johnson Cemetery
(Huntington Twp, Ross County)
Minney Hill Road
Located 8800 feet west of Minney Hill Road about 0.7 mile southeast of its junction with Windy Ridge Road. It is reached from Minney Hill Road by a straight farm lane which goes up a slope to the cemetery.
There are many burials marked only by rocks and many inscribed stones which have disappeared over the years. The cemetery is still in use. It was copied in May 1970 by Marie Clark and in 1992 by Shirley Ajax. It was copied last in June 1998 by Bob Casari with information from the earlie readings that could not be read in 1998.
The cemetery was read from the east (entrance) side to the west and each row from north to south. Condition of stones is as of the 1998 reading unless otherwise noted.