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Crouse Chapel Cemetery
(Green Township, Ross County)
Crouse Chapel Road
Chillicothe, Ohio
Located on the north side of Crouse Chapel Road, midway between US 23 and SR 159. Rev. Benjamin Lakin came to Green Township in 1802 and organized the church in 1807 which was known as Lakin Chapel. When the present brick church was built under the leadership of John Crouse. It became known as Crouse Chapel, after John and his equally prominent brother, David. The cemetery began about 1810 when Isaac Wetzel became the first burial there. The rows in the old section are very irregular and difficult to follow: Some are short and do not extend to the south or north fence. They were numbered west to east and read from south to north.
The cemetery is separated into Old Section, rows 1-22 and New Section (east of the drive), rows 23-28.
The cemetery was copied in 1986 by RCGS and again in November 1998 by Bob Casari, RCGS