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Bethel Cemetery
(Green Township, Ross County)
behind and north side of 6711 Dry Run Road
Kingston, Ohio 45644
Located on the west side of Dry Run Road at the former Bethel Chapel Church, one mile south of SR 180.The congregation was initiated by Rev. James Quinn in 1804 and was called the Bethel Methodist Episcopal church. It first met in the log home of the Arrowsmith family in Section 27, then in a school house for several years, and later a hewed log church was built. In 1827, the latter was torn down and a brick church erected in its place. In 1871, a frame church was built, which may be the present building standing. 
This cemetery was first copied in 1954 and that copy was incorporated in future readings. A lot of the tombstones read in 1954 are unreadable today.
The rows were copied beginning on the north side of the church with Row 1 (closest to Dry Run Road) and continuing west to the back property line. The short rows south of the church were given alphabetical designations and copied from Dry Run Road to the real line of the church, stopping at Row 11 (the first row extending from north to south across the entire cemetery just behind the church). All rows were read from south to north. For convenience in mowing, many footstones have been moved a foot or two from the foot of the grave to the next row of tombstones.
The church was sold in November 2014 and is nowoperated as a B&B.