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Claypool Cemetery
(Liberty Township, Ross County)
Located in the southeast quarter of Section 17 in the woods on the hilltop overlooking the low land to the north which lies between Walnut Creek and Schooley Station Road. It is now about 1/2 mile from the nearest road, a rural road which no longer exists passed near it as late as the 1920s. It is the burial ground of the family of Abraham Claypool. In 1875, two families owned the property in this area, S.B. and M.E. Claypool and Abel Claypool. It was last copied in December 1997 by Bob Casari (RCGS)
The family burial ground of about 12 by 18 feet is enclosed by a 4 feet high wall made of large brown stones with an iron gate on the north side. In 1997, a short section of the wall on the east end was down and the gate was damaged. 
The Razor stones are standing in the woods about 5 feet apart about 50 feet north of the gate in the stone wall, toward the north edge of hill and slightly west. Between them are the broken remains of a stone, but no inscriptions were found on it. There were depressions in the area of the two Razor stones indicating other burials.
The Razor and Robinson stones were listed in the 1987 edition of Liberty Township Tombstone Inscriptions as being at unknown locations in Liberty Township. The very doubtful story which is repeated today is that the burials outside the Claypool family plot were those of slaves, but, if they were African-Americans, they were probably family servants.