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Ackley-Bolte Cemetery
(Liberty Township, Ross County)
The source of the cemetery is not known. Historically, it has been called the Ackley Cemetery. In 1997, the township referred to it as the Bolte Cemetery.
Located 2-1/2 miles northeast of Londonderry on the north side of SR 327 at the Vinton County line. At the county line sign, turn north up a steep narrow gravel drive which goes past several houses to the cemetery on top of the hill. In 1997, it was fenced and had a farm gate. Though mowed by the township, the stones are generally in poor condition because of age. Most stones are either down or leaning badly. In addition to those listed below, there are about 25 rough brown stones with no inscriptions.
Copied in November 1997 by Bob Casari (RCGS). The stones were listed in random order because it is difficult to identify rows and so many stones are down.