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Schooley Station Cemetery
(Liberty Township, Ross County)
Located near the center of Section 18 on the south side of Schooley Station Road about a quarter mile east of Lancaster Road. It is on high ground overlooking the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad line. The cemetery was opened soon after 1800 and has been in continuous use since. William Schooley married Sarah Bowen in Ross County in 1799 and was given property in Section 18 by her father, Thomas Bowen. In his September 13, 1818 will (Will Book A), Thomas Bowen set off the grounds as a cemetery, though it had probably been in use for that purpose for years. The Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad (later the B & O) was completed through the township in 1852 or 1853 and Schooley's Station on the rail line was established near the cemetery which then became known as Schooley Station Cemetery. Thomas Bowen with William Schooley and others of his family are buried there.
The tombstones were copied in September 1970 by Marie Clark and published in 1987 edition of the Liberty Township Tombstone Inscriptions and updated by Bob Casari (RCGS) in November 1997. Condition of stones noted as of 1997.