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Friends Church - Londonderry Cemetery
(Liberty Township, Ross County)
Friends Church was organized in the Londonderry area in 1865 and met for three or four years in the Methodist Episcopal Church. About 1869, a building for Friends Church was erected in the west part of the village. A cemetery was opened on the church lot in 1868 and the first burial was "Mrs. Reed" in 1869 (this is believed to be Sarah Ann Reed, wife of Amos, who died Jan 13 1869 and is buried in Section 4). The burial grounds was also known as the Londonderry Cemetery as early as 1880. 
The sections have been numbered as shown on the map (Liberty Township Tombstone Inscriptions). In Sections 1 through 14, the lots are roughly square and two graves deep with a strip of unused land about three feet wide separating the rows; in most sections, this narrow strip of grass running north and south is easily seen. Sections 1 through 14 have been read from the row of lots nearest the center driveway to the row furthest from that drive, reading successive rows in opposite directions as indicated. Section 15 was read from the northwest end to the south end. The cemetery was copied about 1984 by Ruth Scurlock. The last reading was in 1997 by Bob Casari of the Ross County Genealogical Society.