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Finch Cemetery
(Buckskin Township, Ross County)
Located about three-fourth miles north of DR 138 on the east side of Lyndon Road on the Dawson farm. The farm buildings and house are barely visible from Lyndon Road and are set back about 800 feet beyond a gradual drop-off. The cemetery is in an open field about 500 feet north of the first metal building and has a few small trees growing at its location that are separated from a woods which begins 150 feet further north. It is about 12 feet square and was enclosed by badly weathered wood posts and rusting farm wire fence. In 1992, there was only one stone, with no inscription. The Finch family owned the farm until 1980. At that time, the Finch family requested the cemetery be left undisturbed and the present owner (1992) is complying with their wishes.