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Coyner Cemtery
(Concord Township, Ross County)
Westfall Road
Located east of Westfall road about 1/3 mile south of Greenfield and 1 mile north of US 35 highway.
In 1875, the cemetery was on the 240 acre farm owned by the heirs of C. Coyner, which straddled the road. It is the Coyner family burial ground. Because the owner in more recent years was Sam Blue, it has been erroneously referred to as the Sam Blue Cemetery, but no one with the Blue name was buried there. In the mid-1900s, the tombstones that survived were moved to Greenlawn Cemetery, Section 13, Lot 8, at Frankfort, but the remains were not relocated. The cemetery no longer exists and its exact location is not known. Dr. Bernice A. O'Briant, a granddaughter of Mary Byers Coyner O'Briant Day prepared the list of those interred there.