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Austin - Strader Hill Cemetery
(Concord Township, Ross County)
County Road 550
Located abot 1/5 mile east of Austin about 500 feet north of CR 550 on the top of a hill. During the mid 1900s, it was known as the Strader Hill Cemetery.
Most people buried in this cemetery came from the valley of the South Branch of the Potomac River in the present counties of Hardy, Grant, and Pendleton in West Virginia and were in Ross County by the end of the War of 1812. John Bush, buried here, had a mill in the Austin area.
In 1998, the cemetery fence was down and the graveyard was a shambles with only about 10 stones still standing. The rest had been knocked down by farm animals who have had free access for decades, many were broken, pieces were scattered and many of those on the ground were almoste entirely covered dby soil and grass. Fortunately the cemetery had been copied in June 1961 by Hartzel G. Strader and George Robinson, Jr.
In 1998, the cemetery was recopied by Bob Casari, but it was impossible to find about 25% of the stones or to uncover a number which had sunk into the ground. In spite of the severe damage, all or parts of perhaps three-fourths of the stones listed in 1961 were located. Information listed for burials is from the 1961 listing with corrections and additions based on the 1998 reading. Condition of the stones is as of 1998.