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Old Catholic - St. Francis Xavier Cemetery
(Huntington Twp, Ross County)
US 23
Also known as St. Mary's Cemetery because of its later use by that Waverly, Ohio church.
Located on the west side of US 23 about one-half mile north of DeBord Road. It lies 150 feet from the highway up the slope. St Francis Xavier Mission Church, founded by Jesuit Fathers of Chillicothe in the 1830s, once served a hundred members from southern Ross and northern Pike Counties. The congregation existed from 1834 to 1883 and purchased about 40 acres in 1849 on which the church was built and a cemetery situated. By 1896, the large frame building was in ruins and no sign of it existed in 1996.
The cemetery is still in use. It was copied in 1970 by Marie Clark and in 1996 by Bob Casari with information from the 1970 reading that could not be deciphered in 1996. Copying was from the rear row downward toward the highway. The book Huntington Township Tombstone Inscriptions shows the stones in order read.