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Sigler Cemetery
(Jefferson Twp. Ross County)
Located two miles east of Richmondale on the north side of Sigler Road, northwest of the intersection of US 35 with Limerick Road. In 1875, the 163 acre quarter-section on which it was located was owned by Adam Sigler who was buried in the cemetery in 1884. In the 1980s, the earlier road in the vicinity of the graveyard was bypassed with a new four-lane US 35 and the old road was renamed Sigler Road. The cemetery is still in use. There are a great many small old stones which are severely weathered and no inscriptions are visible.
Copied June 22, 1971, by Robert Mankin. The following is a July 1997 copy by Bob Casari (RCGS). Read from the entrance drive east to the east side of the cemetery.