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Peecher Cemetery
(Liberty Township, Ross County)
Located 3/4 mile north of Londonderry on SR 327 and about one-fifth mile north of that route's intersection with Blue Lick Road. The cemetery is about 500 feet northwest of SR 327 at the end of a narrow lane which begins as a driveway for a home on that side of the highway. The graveyard appears to have been located on the 15 acre farm owned by J. Peacher in 1875, probably the source of its name.
Copied in 1969 by Robert Mankin and in 1980s by Ruth Scurlock. The last reading was in 1997 by Bob Casari. Condition of the stones are noted as of the 1997 reading. Stones which could not be found in 1997, but are in the 1969 list, are so noted.