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Old Baptist Cemetery
(Concord Township, Ross County)
CR 550
Located just east of Frankfort on the north side of CR 550.
A Baptist Church was organized in the area in 1800 by Peter Sperry and Nathan Corey and a log church was built around which the cemetery grew. In 1827, the congregation moved to a brick church in Frankfort and then, in 1860, to Roxabell. Remains of the old log church were found in the late 1870s when placking fence posts round the cemetery.
The stones in this graveyard have not been cared for over the years. Some stones which fall are placed loose under trees or along the fence. Many no longer exist. Copied in September 1987 by Sue Sewards, Caroline Whitten and Virginia Stout and in January 1998 by Bob Casari. Some disappeared between the 1987 and 1998 readings. Conditon is noted as of the 1998 reading The cemetery was read from the east end going west, copying each row from south to north.